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Tests and Results

One thing that computers are good at is storing and manipulating data. Tests taken on a computer can be scored in an instant and the results displayed in many different ways. Fast scoring turns out to be important, because when a student is trying hard to do better, he or she wants to know the results of their effort immediately.

With the Teaching-Engine, tests are made of sight reading, spelling, reading comprehension and math tables. Also records are made of the clicked words from Graphic Reading. In just one period with 30 students working on computers can generate a lot of data. The question is, how do you present that data to teachers, parents and the students themselves in a useful and understandable manner.

For example, the display on the right shows the results of two spelling tests of a class. The green bars are of the first test, and the yellow bars are of the improvement in scores after further studying of the spelling words. The class average is 88 percent.

The individual student data can be reached by clicking any name.

The graph at the top shows the scores of a number of previous spelling tests.

Results screen shot
The above screen shows the class results of two spelling tests. Many other results are available.
For a movie showing how it works, Click Here 715 kB