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Lion and Mouse screenshot
The Graphic Reading exercise to the left is reading lesson at about a grade 2 level. Here, some of the special reading support features are shown such as fluent reading of the whole text or of individual phrases. Clicking a word will sound it or if linked to an object, it will pop up such as an arrow.

Below the text are some words displayed with a phonic object. Here the word visually pulls apart and sounds the phonic components.

All words and phrases have sound, so even if the reading level is too high for the student, he or she can hear any word or phrase so the lesson can be fully understood.

Movie projector image Movie with sound (463 kB)

Graphic Reading- Student Screen

Graphic Reading is the main storyboard for reading practice. It is also the anchor module for the other submodules such as comprehension, spelling and reading test. (See Literacy) There is a screen for the Tutor where the lesson can be created or modified and a different one for the student.

The main objective of the Graphic Reading module is to provide reading practice and support for the student. Here, there will be sounds for all the phonics, words, phrases and the whole text are instantly available for the student. This means that the student can work independently because if there is any word or text he cannot read, the sounds can be instantly heard.



Also objects such as pictures, videos, animations, sound effects, pop-up arrows all can be included to make the lesson more attractive. Special objects such as phonic blocks, phonic grids and normal grids provide methods to organize and provide special learning tools for the student.

Phonics practice and sight reading practice can be included in any Graphic Reading lessnon.

Double click the Movie link by the movie projector icon to view the movie.

To review information about the Tutor screen click here. To read the contents of the manual on Graphic Reading, click here (PDF format, 2.1MB)