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Reading Test
This is a simple method to test a student's sight reading. It involves sounding a word to the student and then she must select it from a list of very similar words. It has been found that this system can be arranged to find a particular reading weakness so that some remedial action can be quickly taken.

This method fits the Teaching-Engine program very well, because sound is an integral part of the program. In the example shown to the right, a list of five words are given which deliberately provide an opportunity for confusion between the old bugaboos, the b and the d. If a student had any difficulty distinguishing between these letters, it will surely show up here.

This technique has a short phrase or sentence shown at the top of the screen with the subject word replaced with question marks. The phrase is shown and sounded, in this case it is "She did her homework" The subject word (did) is sounded again and then the five choices are shown. The student must quickly make a choice, and then the next phrase is given.

The student choices are recorded and can be printed out in a form that makes patterns of errors easy to notice.

Reading Test screen shot
A typical Reading Test screen showing the sounded phrase with the subject word replaced with question marks. The student must quickly select the correct word. For a movie showing how this works, Click Here. (378K) The section of the user's manual covering this can be downloaded from our website. (194 kB.pdf) Click Here