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The Math Tables

There are many aids to learning the math tables. The Teaching-Engine version includes presenting the sum as text, and a graphic where the sound of the sum is being heard. Some students learn better aurally, some visually, so this presentation is both.

The testing can be done on any selected combination and any range. The results are visually presented on four matrixes each which looks like a checkerboard. As the tests are completed, the results populate the checkerboard, across the top is the number of the table and the left is the number of the particular sum. A red block means the sum was incorrect, a yellow means it was correct but took long than 6 seconds, (using fingers?), and green means correct and within the time limit.

Experience has shown that students see this checkerboard presentation as sort of a video game, with the goal to get all squares green. Many students work very hard to get their sums right so they can fill the checkerboard 100 percent with green.

Math screen shot
The math tables module provides a learning efficient way to memorize the math combinations.
For a movie showing how it works, Click Here 950 kB To view the manual Click Here 239kB (pdf)
Math tables results
The matrix presentation of the math results