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The Graphic Reading module is the main text or storyboard of the lesson. It can include images, animations, sounds, popup arrows and other objects which help to create a dynamic and interactive experience for the student. It is also the "anchor" module where the comprehension, spelling and reading test modules can be associated. Every module has natural voice sound synchronized with highlighted text.

The system can be used to coordinate text reading with spelling and comprehension. For instance words from the reading text can be used in the spelling lesson. Thus the spelling words can reinforce the reading etc. These words will also appear in the comprehension lesson.

Tests from these lessons can determine if appropriate progress is being made. The test results are recorded and are presented in various graphical and tabular forms making it convenient to notice trends. The operation of the various modules is described and demonstrated in their sections which have links to the left. Or, just click one of the blocks in the above flow chart.

Comprehension screenshot
Comprehension Practice and Test

Spelling Practice and Test

Sight Reading Test
Graphic Reading screenshot
Graphic Reading Main Text Storyboard ------------------------------

Phonics Table - Page 2 of Reading

Clicked Words Sight Reading Practice