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Subject matter, effectively taught regardless of reading ability

The Teaching-Engine is potentially a universal teacher of anything, because it contains a full lesson editor complete with sound recording. This means that any printed material can be converted to a computer lesson which can include the natural sounds associated with the text in any language.

The value of this is that educational material can be prepared for those who otherwise cannot effectively read it, and they can study the lesson as well as a fluent reader. This is because the text can be sounded as it is highlighted allowing the student to fully understand the material. If an adult is interested in improving reading skills, lessons with content of interest to an adult can be prepared but at a lower reading level.

Because the lesson is computer based it can be used any time by the student privately in his or her environment. Headphones can be used for the sound, reducing the noise of the environment and helping with concentration.

There are many older students and adults who have missed out on basic education and who would benefit tremendously if given a chance to "catch up" on skills not fully acquired while at primary school.

Literacy from the beginning

The Teaching-Engine was initially created to help students with reading. From the beginning the core feature was that natural sound was associated with text elements. The program continued to be expanded to support reading, comprehension, spelling, a second language and even the math tables. Tests, a database for results, printouts and a multitude of other supporting features including a lessons website have been added. The result is a full featured education system but which continues to have reading support throughout.

The program is arranged for use as a reading, comprehension and spelling study partner and tutor. A student can work completely independently and learn to read or improve reading. Also, it is excellent for teaching subject material for content as a student can work independently because assistance is available for new words.

There is considerable discussion and demonstration on this website about how the program works and of the many constructive uses. Here are some links relating to reading and literacy:

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