• A computer program which is used as a tutor for teaching reading
• Improve reading, comprehension, spelling and math combinations
• Use our lessons, or make ones on any subject, any level and any language
• Includes reading tests and extensive use of phonics
• Natural voice sounds and interactivity holds the attention of ADHD students
• Continuous assessment with results printout
• Excellent reading software for kids at school, home, or for home schooling
• Free educational software downloads of full versions for home or school

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Attention Schools! -- Teaching-Engine Support for CAPS
Gr Read Px Fluent Text Reading

xIs the main reading module which can contain text, pictures, sound effects, flash xxxxmovies and more.
xA student receives full reading support because he can hear the text read to him xxxxwith a fluent natural
voice, can click to hear a phrase or word or can have the word shown and heard phonetically.

xThe story can be associated with both the comprehension practice and test and a xxspelling practice and test modules shown below.

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Comprehension Practice and Testing
• A multiple choice test with a built-in study method
x• Normally used with a Graphic Reading exercise, but can be used separately for testing xxxxanything.
x• Sound support for all questions and answers
x• Can be used for testing subject material independent of
a student's reading ability (aural xxxxexam)
x• Detailed results kept in student's database and printouts available

Comp px
Spell Px


• Practice and testing in spelling with full sound support including phonics
• Words can be easily taken from a Graphic Reading exercise or typed in directly
• Words can be split into sections and sounds can be letter names, in phonic sounds or xxphonic combinations
• Tests are immediately marked and all details of tests including incorrect spellings are xxxxheld in a database

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Reading Test

x• A mulltiple choice sight reading test of five similar looking words. The word is sounded as xxxxpart of a phrase.
x• It is a timed test with the goal to select the correct word in the shortest time.
x• A good way to discover reversals and letter confusions.
x• Also a method to confirm current reading levels, as well as testing for particular new words xxxin reading.

x• Sight reading practice can be taken from the clicked words in Graphic Reading.
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2nd Lang

Second Language

xProvides for text and sounds in two languages
xTranslations are seen and heard instantly by clicking any word.
xSounds are natural voices so the pronunciation can be local and correct
xPronunciation practice for the student can be done with a microphone
xExercises can be created for any two languages

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Math Tables

x• The math tables to 12 are provided as a bonus
x• The sums are present as text, a graphic and sounds are synchronized with the math table xxxpresentation
x• Practice is provided with a choice of plus, minus, multiply and divide plus the range
x• Testing is included with a matrix presentation of results showing progress on all tables

Math pix
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