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Where do you get the time
to tutor your child?

Use a computer with the Teaching-Engine program to tutor your children. There is no need to sit with the student while learning because the program acts as a reading mentor, giving all the assistance you would normally do including sounding of the words and phonics. The parent fully controls the lessons and can monitor and printout the results. Use lessons supplied with the program or make up your own on any subject, at any level, and in any language.


Mother at computer

Number 1

Tutor (parent) selects or creates lesson(s)

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Results arrow
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Test results can be viewed on the computer screen
by either the student or the tutor and can be printed
out by the tutor.

-Home Version 2010

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Hundreds of lessons are included and more will be available for free downloading on the internet.

Use the included lessons, or make up your own.
Lessons can be made at any level, in any language and on any subject

The Lessons can include:
--- Reading text, word practice or content subjects
--- Comprehension or content study and test
--- Spelling study and test
--- Reading test– sight words
--- The student can access the math tables anytime

Number 2
The lessons are assigned to the student. (One Click)
Student sees only lessons that are assigned.

Boy at computer

Number 3
Student studies lessons completely on his own
and takes tests.