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The comprehension module is part of the learning-testing- results-revise-learn cycle used throughout the Teaching-Engine. Many lessons are included with the installation, the lessons CD and the website, but anyone can also make these tests. It is particularly designed to associate a test with a Graphic Reading lesson.

Emphasis has been made to teach how to read for comprehension. This is done by having the original text from the associated Graphic Reading exercise visible along with the questions. Here, the student can read the question and then find the answer from the text. This encourages reading for content, and not to just recite the words.

The student initially gets to see the text and answer the questions in an "open book" exam. Generally, the student must get 80 percent correct before the program will allow an actual test to be taken without any reference material.

For the youngest readers, it has been found that a word-for-word answer should be available in the original text. As students progress, a more complex relationship between the original text and the test answers can be set up.

Comprehension screen shot
The Comprehension test screen in the study mode. This mode includes access to the original text so the student can find the correct answer.
For a movie, Click Here 885 kB To view the manual on Comprehension, Click Here (pdf) 517 kB