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SA Department of Basic Education
National Curriculum Statement (NCS)

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)

Foundation Phase, Grades R-3,
English Home Language






Reading Practice (Paired and Independent Reading, Page 14)

"...If children read books on their own they also develop fluency, provided that the books are easy enough for the children to read without help. Short, simple books with predictable text and colourful illustrations are ideal. Some teachers like to give children individual reading to do at home. This home reading should consist of re-reading the group reading book or reading simple, ‘fun’ books. This extra reading practice, done on a regular basis every day, plays an important role in learning to read." ...








Teaching-Engine Applicable Features

Reading Practice with the Teaching-Engine
(A Personal Reading Tutor)

The Teaching-Engine computer program is perfect for independent reading because it can instantly provide the sounds for every text object such as letters, phonics, phrases, syllables, words, sentences and the whole text, with a natural human voice. The text is highlighted every time a text element is sounded demonstrating the text-sound association that is the essence of reading. The computer can read the text out loud fluently just like a teacher would do with all the emphasis and inflection which aids considerably in understanding the text. Thus the programme acts like a personal reading tutor for each student in the computer lab.

There are 58 Grade 1, 68 Grade 2 and 51 Grade 3 stories with pictures and sounds currently included with the program. These are controlled vocabulary, graduated readers, with many pictures just like a typical children's book series.

The exercises are identical in the home and school versions of the programme.

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