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Second Language

This module is designed to help a student learn a second language without any additional assistance. Because sound is an integral part of the Teaching-Engine, and any language can be used, this is a natural application of the technology.

Any of the other modules can have text and sounds in any language which a PC can handle, but the Second Language module is arranged to handle two languages. This sets up a system where a text can be provided in two languages and linking between the two by the bi-lingual tutor will give the student instant translation. Also the sounds of the words or idiom will be heard first in one language and then the translation in the other.

Seeing texts and hearing the sounds with a natural voice helps the student remember the translation and provides pronunciation guidance. Also the student can practice speaking the second language using a microphone and can compare his or her voicing of the word with the natural voice from the computer.

This system is designed to help teach any language, such as African languages, quickly and accurately. Idioms are handled as accurately as the translator can specify because multiple words required for an accurate translation do not need to be continuous.

Second Language screen shot
The Second Language module can provide sounds and text in two languages and quickly provide a translation.
For a movie showing how it works, Click Here 1096 kB To view the manual Click Here xxx (pdf)